Globalization, a term which can’t be ignored in today’s corporate and competitive world. When you plan for your globalization process, communication is the final step where you and your customers understand each other. To make the understanding bridge well used, Accoy Translingual understands the engineering in communication which in-turn make sure the bridge is strong and well used. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified localization services we accomplish this with our multi language Website and mobile app expertise with the trending technologies and also with SEO optimized localization.

Did you know?



Out of 52% International English websites, only 27% of people can read it



89% of the online shopping happens over 11 languages



75% of the world population prefers have their website in their regional language



40% Business boosted when there is a regional language contents



54% of the customers prefer to buy in regional language and only 27% of people can read it



70% Corporates have multi language services

We believe in deep analyzing to come up with the right and appropriate content for the target audience. Understanding how the diversity plays its role and how one image in one culture can be an offensive one for another and thus we pay keen concentration to all the images, layouts and pages to come up with the localized website. Fonts and Images play a distinguished role in website and app localization which helps the customer reach your site whenever you are needed for their business needs. We are ready to serve you at any time and in any industries, so what you waiting for…. get your quote right away at

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I simply have no words. I can’t believe, how someone who have never met, has done this for me so quickly. You can’t IMAGINE how hard I have been working for about 6 months to a year to get what you gave me in a day.

John Hyde
Manager, Flatworld Solutions

We are extremely pleased with your prompt professionalism, pricing and quality of deliverables in less than 48 hours consistently

Nandagopal G
General Manager, MENA HR Solutions

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