We are one of the global service provider for all voice-over and subtitling services. We localize business agendas, multi linguistic operations, radio, TV media, corporate presentation, documentaries and much more

Accoy Translingual offers the best voice over services with team of experts which includes interpreters, translators and voice artists. As an ISO 9001:2015 certified voice over services we provide the services with the team of expert who work round the clock to ensure your business continuity which helps you is becoming the market leader.

With our affordable rates and quality of data we offer the best services in the global market. Be it a advertisements, presentations, modules, education related, cartoons or movies send us in for your desired output. We have a range of voice over artists working with us and thus can help you meet the needs related to style, gender, voice-tone and age. With the quick turn around time we get back to you as soon as possible, be it for quote or for the final delivery on time.

No geography limits stops us in providing services to the world.

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More than 143 language experts

 Native speakers

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 We work 24*7 for communication services.

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I simply have no words. I can’t believe, how someone who have never met, has done this for me so quickly. You can’t IMAGINE how hard I have been working for about 6 months to a year to get what you gave me in a day.

John Hyde
Manager, Flatworld Solutions

We are extremely pleased with your prompt professionalism, pricing and quality of deliverables in less than 48 hours consistently

Nandagopal G
General Manager, MENA HR Solutions

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